A Measure of Reassurance
We are in This TogetherAs the COVID-19 situation continues, we understand that each day brings new or different challenges for many of us, and each week a rollercoaster of good and bad news. While the uncertain time continues, we at District Expedition are committed to ensuring you and employees the utmost support needed for a seamless experience making your purchase during this period.

We're using this page to share some actions that we have taken, to support you, our employees, and prospective customer.

Our Dealer
We are taking measures and precautions. We are making limited appointments to see TAXA’s mobile habitats. We ensure we have masks, gloves, and additional cleaning supplies to keep the staff safe. Right now, we are operating fully-remote except for viewing appointments. After every visit, we make sure to clean and disinfect each TAXA mobile habitat.

We have enhanced our digital support systems to allow more connectivity and provide you with more tools online. We know you are still shopping online for a new TAXA mobile habitat, and we are committed to helping you with that purchase when you reach out, responding to most inquiries within X business day.

We remain focused on supporting our communities and our customers in these unprecedented times. We are in this together, and we will emerge stronger together.

Stay safe and be well.

New Purchases
We’re offering resources to make sure your buying experience for one of our TAXA mobile habitats happens in an effective, informative, and safe fashion. Fundamental parts of your shopping experience can now take place online through our innovative digital tools, like:
- Finance Application
- Chart Comparison
- Deposit Calculator
- Digital Product Manuals

Contact Us for more information.