Reserve Your Habitat

Mantis Estimated Delivery:
* Available for May 2021 Delivery
Cricket Estimated Delivery: 
* Available for August 2021 Delivery
TigerMoth Estimate Delivery:
* Available for Immediate 2021 Delivery
* Delivery dates will change as reservations are made for a limited number of production slots.
Reserve your habitat with a $2000 Deposit

Why buy from DX?

We focus on selling TAXA because it's a brand we believe can enhance your outdoor lifestyle. Some considerations when choosing DX:

  • Don’t like dealing with salespeople? We don’t have any. We're outdoor enthusiasts like you, and we won't try to sell you -- just inform you, answer your questions, and help you determine if a Taxa Hab is right for you.
  • Most purchase documents can be e-signed online minimizing contact to keep everyone safe. We will overnight any documents, that require ink signature, with a easy pre-paid return label and envelope.
  • We deliver your Hab to your location (within ~50 Miles of Washington DC).
  • We offer transparent and competitive pricing.
  • First responders, K12 teachers, medical professionals, and hospital workers receive discount on our products.
  • We support the community with a cash donation for every purchase of a Habitat to one of a handful of regional nonprofit organizations you select.
  • You can become a part of our community of TAXA owners with events and adventures to unique destinations within 90 minutes of DC.